A New You

The Archetype of a New YOU

Read these words out loud:

“There is a genuineness, realness, and honesty in a view that is greater than me focusing on my small, insecure self. Everything is new and modernized when I am free from patterns and expectations. I recognize that being fixated on myself alone does not give me great joy. 

I breathe. I evolve. I am curious and see potential, including the potential to reduce pain and suffering. I know that every moment is a new beginning. 

Awakening is both moment to moment and a gradual development. I commit to a path of awakening every moment I recognize spaciousness and awareness. There is a need for discipline—not the discipline of punishment and judgement—the discipline to guide my self away from what matters less to me, and instead towards what matters most to me. Being given to what matters most is my great Joy.

I have no need to reference or compare my journey to where other people are at. Negativity, emotionality, boredom, arguing, criticizing myself and others, are outdated points of view. My view is vast, I see the vastness in the small details. I see spaciousness in every day life. I can be in the world and do in the world as this spaciousness. 

There are messages in the alchemy of meaning and form. The universe is in small details of meaning. I have a keen interest in “it”.

I approach my journey, my self, and others from a resting state of simplicity. Traveling light means I am not burdened by trivial fluff. 

I am not seduced by materialism nor do I believe material things provide happiness. I know that everything in this material world is transitory. Everything in this world will be undone. 

I’m not afraid of aloneness. Defending myself from imagined monsters is another reference point set up by myself when I’m afraid to be vulnerable. It’s like swimming in the ocean and being afraid that every crashing wave is a shark. What am I really afraid of? My own mind. And what is the nature of mind? Space and Awareness. 

I take to an open road. Open. I am confident in all affairs in light of my knowing. Waves of movement are natural. No need to hesitate because I know the greatness of where I am right now.

I do not have a lack mentality, nor am I grasping or avoiding experiences of my own life. I am settled where I am and I accept everything as it is. I do not show off or exaggerate for attention. I respect myself and I respect others. Beginning my journey does not mean I am lacking or need to be diminished in any way. I am always beginning. 

I am uplifted vibrant and energized by the truth. I do not fake it, I am not falsely cheerful to keep people distant. I am authentic. My natural state is synchronized to honesty. I am not dull or confused. I can laugh at my self.

I am daring. I have neither hope nor fear. Hope is an expectation is designed to disappoint me when things do not go as hope wants. I hope for nothing and instead know the direction to which I travel. I go, go, go forward, inward, and outward. 

Instead of grasping I flow with the ocean tide moving in and out. I do not need to be so important for the sake of others. I know my human dignity. I know the truth is in my interconnection to the energy of the universe.

My path is the journey. I have a sense of a greater vision. I declare independence from the rules that weigh me down.

I can defy the limitation of authority that drags me down. I live in a true reality that is spontaneous and unexpected. This gives to me a greater comprehension of my environment. My environment feeds me and fills me with meaning.


I am the beginning filled with endless possibilities and I am the end filled with endless possibilities. 

Like a flower that opens to the sunshine. I respond to my world and my world responds to me. There is no resistance to a truth that pulses in my veins. Live fearlessly, Live true to my call, Live for what is more than my little self.” 

If you do not recognize these words to be your truth, please schedule a counseling session so that you may realize pure you.

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