Emma is an Individual and Relationship Counselor who specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families, empowering them through non-judgmental listening, creative collaboration, and enlivening inner wisdom.

We come into this world as tender innocence, knowing the impermanence of feeling and thought. As we grow older and become more aware of the dysfunction in the world around us, we forget this knowing and start to hold on to the hurt we feel. We may push it down out of sight, but that does not mean it is out of mind. As long as we carry these old wounds, they will continue to manifest and create patterns of thought and behavior that can cause us suffering—by expanding our awareness of these patterns, and the deep hurts that drive them, Emma supports people in healing them and letting them go, clearing the way to grow closer to the simplicity of what we are.

Emma came into this world a seeker, finding meaning in traditional and nontraditional education and in worldly experience. She has studied at Quest University in British Columbia, Antioch University in Seattle, meditated in ancient Himalayan caves with a Buddhist Lama, received a mantra from the hugging saint, and worked with social programs that support children with special needs and refugees from Syria, to name a few. She continues to expand her awareness of ever-changing social, cultural, and psychological conditions that contribute to the development of both enrichment and dysfunction in our selves. Her relationship with her wise and beloved husband, as well as her connections to beloved animal friends provide her with a treasure trove of learning. Ultimately, she has found the greatest meaning in moving deeply in her heart and being-ness, accessing the the inherent knowledge within.


private and group sessions available