Anavadya, M.S.W.

Anavadya is an established Marriage and Relationship Counselor, Life Coach, Natural Healer, and Intuitive Guide. She has been meeting with individuals and couples in both private and group sessions for almost three decades. Additional, Anavadya facilitates Seasonal Workshops on Archetypal Patterns, Overcoming Habitual Addictions, Sexuality, Money, and Meditation. Anavadya uses her learned wisdom, direct knowledge and natural talents to awaken people to their fullest consciousness and depth of being-ness. Her unique approach to individual and relationship transformation is practical, effective and beneficial.

Anavadya’s philosophy integrates western and eastern teachings while her deepest wisdom and talent comes from within. She warmly welcomes an honest exploration and investigation into solutions to the problems that hinder peace of mind and happiness. Working as an individual and marriage therapist, as well a meditation teacher, Anavadya natural synthesizes the best of both perspectives. She guides people inwards towards clarity of mind and openness of heart, simultaneously inoperative belief systems are dismantled and replaced with warm honesty, intimacy and commitment.

Anavadya has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. She has formally studied at New York University, Antioch University, and The University of Washington’s School of Social Work. Her education includes Tibetan studies in the Himalayas, transmissions and empowerments from enlightened masters, and ongoing inquiries into all levels of consciousness. She is warmly educated by her own childhood, as well as being a Mother to two intelligent and compassionate adult-children. It is however her bond with a cherished husband that inspires her deepening, openness, and love.


private and group sessions available