Sessions are for people who wish to discover deeper levels of awareness, meaning, and happiness in their life and relationships.

Meeting privately with a teacher or coach is an opportunity to sit with someone that can give you greater understanding and solutions into your personal challenges.

You will find that you are given a wholly unique and more expanded perspective on your present situation and relationships. In a private session you are given the precise tools to get from where you are at to where you want to be!

Couples sessions are designed to address the solutions to common problems that many couples are confronted with in both short and long term relationships.

Group sessions are for those who choose the fast track for relating differently in all relationships.

Policies and Procedures:

Sessions are completely confidential. Confidential information may be disclosed if circumstances fall into the following limits:
1. There is a risk of harm to yourself or others
2. There is suspected or evidence of abuse of minors, elders, or vulnerable persons
3. Court-ordered to disclose information (ex. subpoena)
4. Counselors may be currently working under supervision and collaboratively where disclosure is required to provide optimal care.
5. If you are a minor under the age of 13, confidentiality is limited to the extent of your parent or guardian
6. If you are a minor under the age of 18, we may disclose confidential information to your parent or guardian if deemed in your best interest
Regarding couple’s sessions: Couples work requires building a foundation of transparency and honesty in relationships.
Regarding group sessions: Confidentiality is required between group members.
Payment and Cancellation:

We do not bill third-party payers. We accept payments of cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal. You are responsible for payment of fees in full at the time of service. You may cancel or reschedule a session at any time as long as you provide 24-hours advanced notice. You are responsible for rescheduling cancelled sessions. If you show up late to your session, the full fee is required.
Please contact counselors for session fees. We can provide a limited sliding scale based on need and necessity.