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Time for some Help.

Do you have difficulty asking for help directly or find your self at a point of crisis before reaching out for support? Perhaps you ask the wrong people who don’t have what you need. Maybe you don’t ask for help because you are too prideful. You may feel unworthy, undeserving, and apologetic simply at the thought of needing help. Maybe you believe asking for help or seeking counseling is weak and needy or implies that you are incompetent. Perhaps you are afraid if you ask for help someone might want something back from you in return. And of course, what if you ask for help and they say “No”? Just the thought of rejection sends you into a state of withdrawal.

On the other hand, you might ask for help too much and too often from people, grasping advantage from their generosity. In this case, you might in fact feel entitled to help and seek it through self-pity. This is not genuinely asking or receiving help and may lead to greater difficulties in your relationships. This Kind of grasping might also be an indication that you would be better served in a counseling situation or participating in group therapy.

No one person has reached any accomplishment or vision without help somewhere along the way. Asking for help with confidence and openness shows your determination to accomplish your Vision. You know your Vision matters in the big picture; even if it’s seemingly small and simple, you can ask for help as needed. As long as you’re willing to put in your share of the effort, and you are really clear that the help needed is sincere and not coming from “Victim Mentality”, you can ask without guilt. It’s only when we have self centered agendas (like asking for someone’s help to secure attention and love) do we need to reconsider our request.

When you allow someone to help you, you are gifting that person with an opportunity to be generous. Help freely given from a friend comes with no strings attached, therefore a heart- felt “thank-you” is enough to express gratitude.

Support, teamwork, and collaboration helped create everything in our world. Additionally healthy relationships are all about give and take— not just give and not just take. Actually the mantra for this topic could be “I balance give and take equally”.

Finally, asking a wise person for their blessings is a great boon. We ask for someone’s good wishes knowing that the good thoughts of others can support us in whatever we endeavor. A blessing from a high minded individual can bring love-light into our being. This love-light can be received as an uplift, as though we were transported to the stars; it can open the heart -mind; and it can expose overlooked possibilities and knowledge. When we plug into a mind of higher energetic frequencies there is no end to what can be received.

Ask and you shall receive.

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