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Having a VISION

A Vision is our ability to think about, plan and see the future with imagination and wisdom. A Vision can be in many forms, from writing your great Novel to manifesting a divine union with your partner. When it comes to having a Vision, we can think small or we can think big and limitless. We limit our Vision by questioning and doubting our abilities, gifts, and talents. In reality we don’t know our abilities until we use them.

Instead of spending your energy on thinking about your lack of this or that, you can do a 180 spin and turn that energy into positive action. Take for example Roger Bannister, who broke the 4-minute barrier running the mile. How he went about this feat was by relentlessly seeing himself reach his goal. Through consistent visualization and ACTION, he created a sense of certainty in his mind and body, eventually actualizing his Aspiration.

A Vision is energetically different from Fantasy. Fantasy is the mind spinning in thoughts, wishes and dreams to compensate for feeling deficient. Fantasy is an addiction for the ego, pumping itself up to feel better about itself. A beautiful inspired offering fills us with meaning and energizes our mind, body and soul. Fantasy leaves us in a hangover of lack. If Roger Bannister only fantasized about breaking the 4-minute mile then he could sit on his sofa eating potato chips, dreaming about it, and never touch his feet to the ground. Fantasy, like a wish in the hand, does not make a reality.

We must commit 100% to our Vision in order to receive the maximum energy needed for actualization. When we are fully given to our Vision, we are energized to take the necessary steps. If we are half-committed to our Vision, we have half the energy to see it realized and usually give up somewhere along the way. Here are some ways in which we half-commit: by having more than one plan at the same time and becoming confused; distracted by fantasy; belief that we must struggle; spreading ourselves too thin in our co-dependent relationships; and the idea that we are not good enough or worthy enough to succeed. The number of excuses are as plentiful as can be imagined and a total waste of your brilliant mind. People who have the habit of making excuses are usually not committed to their Vision. Great Visions and good actions need no excuses. I wish you mighty Visions and the might of a thousand generations to see it through.

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