There’s a kind of magic in the flow of generosity; in both giving and receiving, we can experience a unification with humanity. When Mother Teresa was asked if it was difficult for her to touch lepers on the streets of Calcutta, she said “I see God in every human being” Can you imagine such a lovely experience? Mother Teresa saw her work as a privilege, an opportunity to integrate a higher consciousness into form. Another way to say it is that generosity of heart is the integrator of the divine into daily life.

Honest-to-god giving resolves so many difficulties within the self.
Generosity outshines narcissism, attachments, scarcity mentality, separateness and overall-lack of trust. Lack of trust can look like: “if I give to you, what if you take advantage of me” or “yeah, I’ll be generous only if you give to me first”. A faith-less attitude begets uninspired and unhappy exchanges. Therefore I highly recommend a change in perspective to a higher vibrational frequency such as generosity:). Giving of all kind counts. However giving money expresses levels of gratitude, devotion, care and responsibility as well.
No one is excluded from the privilege of giving, whether it be through hard work in our jobs, charitable actions, or lending a helping hand. Perhaps you see yourself as not having anything to contribute. This is a total false assumption to be uprooted upon reading these words. Have belief that you have something to give and you’re on your way to manifesting. If you haven’t found what that work or offering is yet, keep looking, and don’t give up. If you hate your job, might be time for a change. You can receive the support you want through a counseling session with a qualified teacher or counselor.

Generosity as well as greed are subject to the natural law of attraction. Everything that we experience with our senses, thoughts and emotions move as vibrations that ripple like a stone touching a still lake. “Love” and “Generosity” are higher and delicate vibrations whereas “greed”, “hate”, and “worry” stream denser energies. What you put out returns in kind. Generous people are happier.
The beautiful paradox of generosity is that our offerings liberate ourself from our self, so while it is good for us, generosity is not self-centered. Whether generosity awakens from the truth of our being or arises from the intention to cultivate a good heart, “giving” is a healthy lifestyle choice.

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