Our Approach To Transformation

Our approach to individual and relationship counseling has been proven to be transformational for those willing to invest the time and energy required for favorable change. By engaging in honest and direct connection, you begin to recognize and eventually grow confident in your innate awareness.

Your innate awareness is your ability to see and to know what is moving within you, as well as outside of your self. As awareness deepens, you begin to de-attach from unproductive belief systems, identities and projections. Your awareness becomes the focus of your attention allowing problematic situations and circumstances to decrease and eventually dissolve completely.

With greater attention and enthusiasm you are able to move your energy into creating positive and meaningful relationships and work. You are no longer neurotically focused on your problems, but instead participate fully in your relationships and life- offering your unique gifts and talents to the world.

Your open, inherent intelligence and natural awareness is at first subtle and barely recognized, however with time and development it grows more obvious and eventually becomes constant. You become deeply known to you and others and deeply seated in the openness of being.