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A Sacred Marriage

From Ian Anderson – “We are our own Saviors,  as we start both our hearts beating life into each other”

A wife and husband are responsible for their own happiness as well as the happiness of the relationship. The success or demise of the union is dependent on the contributions of both the woman and man.

A woman’s true nature is intuitive and far reaching in her depth of knowing.  She is remarkable in her capacity to move in the deeper waters of being-ness.  A woman, married or single, has enormous power to impact everything in her surroundings. She has the gift of creativity and can contribute inspiration and meaning to her world.  A woman can also use her power to create chaos, destruction and drama.

When a woman in relationship is not cherished or cared for by her partner she grows bitter and resentful. She grows weary and depressed, angry and tense from all the days gone by where she was ignored and not valued. Fundamentally, a woman will mirror back to her partner the lack of care he brings to the union. 

A husband must have the attitude that his wife is the goddess divine.  A man who sees and values the deeper levels of the divine within his wife will be graced with a treasure trove of his own depth.

When a man is given to his heart, he knows to give his heart to one woman; that woman has the power to build him up or deflate him.  A woman who knows she has her man’s heart in her hand will always use her power to exalt and cherish him as he does her. 

A man who possesses the wisdom to follow a woman’s depth will grow more confident of his own inner knowing; he will structure his world with a new sense of purpose and meaning. A woman who nurtures a man’s sense of glory encourages him to bring his gifts, strengths and talents to the world.

Even if a man is closed, defensive and judgmental, the love and tenderness his woman gives to him is the harm he is not receiving from her.  And in this way she has the power to eventually change his emotional, psychological and energetic bodies to openness and softness of heart.

On the other hand, a woman who indulges and projects her anger and disappointment from her father or past relationships onto her husband will only drive herself and her man into isolation.

Soulmates who share warmth and openness of heart will manifest delight in all areas of their life together; everything from the daily details of morning talks and coffee to the most sacred sexual union is available.  Having the marriage as a priority eventually unfolds levels and levels of intimacy for both a woman and man to relish: The full surrender to openness and warmth of heart is it’s own blessing.

“For it’s only the giving that makes you what you are.”

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