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Facing Change.

Change is an act or instance of making something different. Change can be painless and effortless or experienced with an upheaval concordant with the size of the alteration.  You might even feel doubtful about whether the change  you desire is worth the discomfort.  The short term courage and endurance needed to make positive changes far outweighs the long-term unhappiness of being stuck in the same ‘ol yesterday.  Recognize what needs to change, embrace the grand struggle against your fear and upheavals – turn and face the strange. 

In regards to the changes you have no control over, anything from the weather to a broken dishwasher, don’t waste your energy fighting windmills. Accept the transitoriness of all forms – and move with it.  Approach the unexpected with a warm heart and open mind; have curiosity and wonderment towards what is new.  You can also approach change with resistance, judgement, resentment and victimization.  It’s all your choice. If you find yourself struggling too much to make change, it’s a good time to seek counseling, therapy, or that which will support your development.

The positive desires and good intentions you have are your starting point for what’s next.  You get to decide what unnecessary patterns, conditions and beliefs can be left behind.  If you want something new in your life, plant a new intention. When we change the type of seed we plant, we change the fruit that we will harvest when the time is ripe.

Bring forward from the past only that which is worthy of moving into the future.  Analogous to cleaning out a closet filled with memorabilia, those unpleasant photos and unhappy memories can be tossed away. The more space you create in your heart for a new you and for seeing others in a new light, the more happiness and contentment you will feel.

The sincere intensity of your wish to have positive changes in your relationships and life is like a prayer waiting to be answered. So I invite you to start jotting down your intentions for what you want to grow into this coming 2020. Share your ideas with people who genuinely love and support you.  Add the required organization and structure with enthusiasm and love. Release what you “knew” to launch into the new. 

Finally, reflect on the fact that WE ARE ALL TOGETHER in this ever-changing existence: this thought alone can bring a deep warmth within.  Use this deep sense of warmth to pour your heart’s desires into the everyday, ever-changing experience of your life. We all have the potential to be what we envision (see the article on Vision) and you don’t have to be extra special to create a lovely destiny for yourself.  You get to change and see the world through a new set of eyes.

May all beings understand the transiency of life and be well-guided. 


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